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About SafariKenya

Ask anyone who has been there  –  Africa gets into your blood!  The sights and sounds, the vibrant colours, the spectacular scenery, incredible wildlife…  

My wife and I are lucky enough to share a close connection with this amazing continent. Monika spent her early years in Cape Town before her family migrated to Australia, and my own love of Africa comes from spending most of the ‘90s working for an agricultural company in Nairobi. So, a few years ago, we travelled to South Africa and Kenya to revisit some of the places we remembered from those earlier times. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience for us both.

On our return to the Gold Coast with numerous photographs and stories of our adventures, quite a few of our friends expressed their own desire to go on safari in Africa, but said they were reluctant to do so on their own, or in a large, impersonal tour group. As a result of their interest, we put together a two-week safari to Kenya, timed to coincide with the Great Migration of animals across the Masai Mara. We invited several of our friends to join us and in next to no time had a full safari group of travellers keen to experience the stunning wildlife and scenery of Africa.

The trip proved so successful that we were encouraged to organise further tours. This led to the creation of SafariKenya, our own licensed and registered travel agency, with membership in the travel industry’s Travel Compensation Fund. At SafariKenya, our aim is to provide our fellow travellers with the best possible safari experience, with carefully selected itineraries, authentic safari vehicles, luxury tented accommodation and top-quality catering.

We now invite YOU to join us on one of our ‘Essence of Africa’ safaris and create your own unforgettable memories of the wonders of Africa!

Hoping to see you very soon,

Bruce  Stark

Managing Director, SafariKenya Pty Ltd

0416 083 800

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